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Beef and Hog Processing Information

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Please help us to help your customers get things done the way they want them.

We must have a complete list of names of the people that you are bringing livestock in for at the time of drop-off.  It is your responsibility to have your customers give us cutting instructions for their animals.
Hogs: We need these instructions by closing time (5:30 p.m.) the day after slaughter.
Beef: We need these instructions by closing time (5:30 p.m.), no longer than 7 days after slaughter.  Even though beef will be hanging longer than this, we need the instructions ahead of time for planning purposes.

If these deadlines are not met, due to the processing schedule, we may have to do a standard cut on the customer’s animals without their instructions and they will still be responsible for payment and pick up of their meat.

SUbmit your Cutting Instructions in the survey below, or call 402-443-3104

Wild Game Processing

We accept wild game from all hunting seasons.

Deer season 2023 hours: 11/11-11/20 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Please have your permit number accessible at the time of drop off.

We do accept credit/debit cards. However, there is a 3.95% charge on purchases made with credit/debit cards.

We cannot accept any meat brought to us in scented garbage bags. No exceptions. 

Deer Processing Information

A. We try to process the deer in the order they are brought in.  The fresh meat is processed and placed in the freezer.  Cooked products are then processed and orders are filled according to the order in which they are brought in.  Once all fresh and cooked / processed are complete the order will be ready for pickup.  We do not release an order until all processing is complete.

A. All deer are tagged and processed according to your specifications. You receive your own deer back on any fresh cut and ground deer over 10 lbs. Breakfast sausage and any cooked products are done in larger batches, so it is impossible for us to keep deer meat separate for this. This should be of no concern because we are very selective as to which meat goes into our sausage products. The last thing we want to do is ruin several hundred pounds of sausage because of a few pounds of bad deer meat!

A. The sooner your deer arrives in our plant the better it is. Our plant is a controlled air and temperature environment. Fluctuation in temperature and contaminated air causes rapid aging in carcasses and quicker spoilage. Deer meat needs to be handled just like any other meat.

A. Restructured jerky, and muscle jerky prices are based on the starting weight. All other cooked products are based on finished weight, with the added pork included in the finished weight cost.

A. Examples:
Jerky: 10 lbs. deer yields 4.5 lbs. finished product.

Muscle Jerky: 10 lbs. deer yields 4 lbs. finished product.

Snack Sticks: 10 lbs. deer + 5 lbs. pork = 15 lbs. This is the amount your would be charged for. There is some
shrinkage on the sticks when they are cooked so you would receive 12 lbs. back.

Any processing held longer than 2 weeks from notification will be charged $20.00 per week for storage. Wahoo Locker reserves the right to refuse deer meat due to improper handling of any kind.

Making Your own?

For hunters that prefer to make their own products, we carry a line of Wahoo Locker spices, casings and high temp cheeses.