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Wahoo Locker is constantly adding new products to our vast array of goods and services. Check here often to view what we have new to offer!
We have a new and large variety of canned and pickled goodies! Also, new Tabasco products and fun summer kitchen and patio décor. Stop by our store and check it out!

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Duck Fat Makes GOOD Food Better!
​Duck fat is used by gourmet chefs because it makes food taste better but there are many more reasons!

We have duck fat available in spray cans and 16 oz. tubs!

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Uncured Bacon

Cured & Uncured Bacon
What's The Difference?

The biggest difference between cured and uncured bacon is the preservation process. Cured varieties typically rely on chemicals and additives, while uncured alternatives usually include more natural salts and flavorings. Both types of bacon are actually “cured”, which in a meat context basically means “preserved”. Uncured versions are often considered to be more healthful, but this is a point of some debate. In terms of calories, the two are roughly equal. The main differences usually concern how the curing happened and the nature and quality of the additives used.

Curing basics: Unless meat is sold raw, it needs to be preserved somehow in order for it to stay fresh and not spoil. Bacon is sometimes smoked, but curing is the most common way to prepare it for sale. The oldest and most traditional way to cure meat is with salt; the compounds in salt, sea salt, in particular, remove moisture and seals the surface from bacteria and other contaminants. Somewhat paradoxically, bacon preserved this way is referred to as “uncured”. The “cured” designation is usually saved for meat that has been preserved with chemicals that mimic salt but are more efficient and predictable from a manufacturing perspective